Employment and Labor Law

The employer-employee relationship can often lead to legal disputes, particularly in today’s troubled economic environment.  At times, these legal disputes require litigation in federal and state courts,  administrative tribunals or arbitration panels.  At Brophy & Lenahan P.C., we assist both businesses and individuals with litigation, administrative claims or arbitration relating to employment and labor law, including the claims of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, age, disability or national origin, hostile work environment, unlawful termination and defamation of character. 

Brophy & Lenahan also provides legal services outside of the litigation context for labor and employment issues.  In particular, we can assist management and employees pertaining to immigration and work visa issues for employees who are not citizens of the United States.  Also, we can provide advisory services or trainings for management on best practices to avoid employment-related litigation. 

Keep in mind that employment-related claims often have very fast deadlines, so if you believe that you have a claim, or if your business has been threatened with a claim, it is extremely important to consult with an attorney immediately.